Selling for: JohnLewis - 5277747
Selling for: JohnLewis - 5277747
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Listing ID: 901401

Samsung MS23F301TFK Microwave Oven, Black

Samsung MS23F301TFK Microwave Oven, Black

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Types of Home Appliances: Microwaves
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Product Description

Triple Distribution System Who says you can't cook perfect dishes in the microwave? With heat distributed from three points, everything cooks nice and evenly. So no cold spots, just masterful meals in minutes. Healthy Steam Option Steaming food is a healthier way to prepare fish and vegetables. By using this microwave's Healthy Steam programme, you keep in even more of your food’s flavour and nutrients. Select the type of food you want to steam and the amount, and the microwave oven will automatically set the optimal cooking time for you. Ceramic Enamel Interior No one likes a messy microwave or oven. Our Ceramic enamel interior makes grease and oil super easy to clean with a quick wipe, then you’re good to go. Healthy Cooking Tasty, healthy family meals just got a whole lot easier. With a choice of pre-set recipe menus, you're all set. Power Defrost Defrosting is made easy with Power Defrost judging the perfect timings. ECO Mode Reduce the use of your standby power with ECO Mode to help save money on your energy bills. Memory Function Now you can set your microwave to remember how to cook some of your go-to meals, so they'll be even quicker next time. Deodorisation Make sure your tomato soup doesn’t smell like last night’s fish pie, with deodorisation banishing lingering odours in your microwave. Child Lock For peace of mind activate the child lock when cooking to ensure that your children can run around the kitchen without you having to worry about them opening the microwave. LED Display The stylish LED Display illuminates your settings to make sure they’re clearly displayed for easy cooking.

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