Welcome to Order Assist

Want to buy products from other (supported) online shops but have payment or shipping difficulty?
Let freeki.com make the orders and deliveries for you, and you get to pay less for the exact same product.

How it works

Visit any online store to pick
your products of interest
Click on "Order Assist" on Freeki.com
fill the form and make payment.
We handle the ordering & logistics
from the online store to you.
Freeki Order Assist
What can be ordered?
Please read the information below to know items, allowed by law, that we can order on your behalf, and ship to your address.
Did you find a product on another online shop that you are interested in? You can order for products via freeki.com if it conforms with our terms below:

  • The item must be available on the submitted online store. You will be refunded if the item is not available.
  • The item must not be a prohibited item.
Freeki Order Assist
Can I trust this?
Worried about what product(s) will be purchased on your behalf? Please read the information below.
As soon as your order is successfully submitted, freeki.com will confirm your order and commence its processing.

If the:
  • information submitted (such as the Product URL, description, etc) is correct and accessible.
  • product is available on the submitted online store.
  • your exact description/specifications (such as color variation, size, etc) are available on the submitted online store.
  • product is not a prohibited item. and conforms with our terms of service.

Then the product will be purchased on your behalf (inline with your submitted specifications). Otherwise, the product will not be purchased and you will be refunded.
Freeki Order Assist
Freeki Order Assist
How do I get my order?
The delivery process can be to your submitted address or a Freeki.com pick-up office (depending on your selected delivery opton).
Freeki.com is responsible for the delivery of your product to your submitted address or selected Freeki.com pick-up office.

Submitted Address: When you submit your order request, you may submit your delivery address along with your order. Therefore, once your payments are cleared, and your order is processed, your product will be shipped to your submitted delivery address.

Freeki.com pick-up office: You may also choose to pick up your item at your selected Freeki.com pick-up office. You will be notified once your order arrives at the office, for you to pick up.

Want to order an item from another online store?
Let freeki.com do it for you.

Supported Major Online Stores

Other online stores not mentioned above, may also be supported. You may submit orders for products from stores not mentioned above. If the submitted online store is supported, your order would be processed. If the submitted online store is not supported, your payment would be refunded.