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How it works

Submit your package and
delivery information.
Make payment now or
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We handle the logistics
from you to the receiver.

Delivery Options

Air Delivery
Air Delivery
Starting At: $4.93 per KG
Sea Delivery
Sea Delivery
Starting At: $2.51 per KG
Freeki International Freight
Freeki International Freight
Our Pick Up Options
Freeki.com package pickup includes: the Pick Up, Drop Off, and the Post to Freeki option.
As a customer, you have 3 options when handing over your freight package to us.

Pick Up option: This is when you want us to come to your address, to pick up your package. This will attract extra charges but it is absolutely stress-free for you as a customer.

Drop Off option: This is when you prefer to bring your freight package to the nearest freeki office for processing and transport.

Post to Freeki option: This is similar to drop off but instead of bringing your package to us by yourself, you want to post it to us via the local courier service. Therefore, we would require the courier information of the package you are posting to us. These information will include the Courier name, Tracking number, and Tracking URL.
Freeki International Freight
Our Shipping Options
From Vans to Planes to Ships to Buses to Bikes. Our transport plans are limitless.
Air Freight: Need to send your package as soon as possible? Air freight is best for you. However, we do not freight these dangerous/hazardous items via air.

Sea Freight: If you want to pay lesser freight fee, we recommend you use Sea freight delivery option.

Depending on the type of your package, and the delivery option you choose (air freight or sea freight), we carefully transport your item from you to the receiver, while keeping you updated as your package is being processed and transported. However, under law, we do not freight these prohibited items.
Freeki International Freight
Freeki International Freight
Freeki International Freight
Our Payment Options
Pay online or pay later (when the package gets to Freeki.com office)
As a customer, when you want to freight your package, you may Pay Now (immediately via any of our secured online payment options), or Pay later (when the item gets to Freeki.com office).

Pay Now: This is when you are paying immediately, as you are submitting your freight package information to us on freeki.com

Pay Later: This is when you want to pay for your package freight only when we come to your address to pick up your package (PickUp option), or pay only when you bring your freight package to our freeki.com office (Drop Off).f

Customers are allowed to use any of these payment options:
PayPal, PayStack, or Freeki Wallet.

Have an item you want
to ship to United Kingdom or Nigeria?


The International Freight section of freeki.com is a system that allows any customer to transport their package (that does not violate our terms) from one country to the other.

The customer has the flexibility of the type of delivery option to select, security option for the receiver, immediate or payment at pickup/drop-off, track their package, and others.
We allow and transport any package that is acceptable by law, and inline with our terms. Therefore, we can transport any package except items that belong to the Prohibited Items list. Also, we ship dangerous or hazardous items, but with caution and strict shipping policy. Please click the dangerous or hazardous items for more information about these items.
The International Freight cost is dependent on the actual Gross weight of the package you want to freight, as well as your shipping option (Air freight or Sea freight).

Air freight fee starts at $4.93 per KG while Sea freight fee starts at $2.51 per KG
Sorry, if you don't know the gross weight of the package you want to ship, you will not be allowed to submit your form for processing.

However, if you have an idea of the gross weight, you may enter this instead, and then when the package gets to freeki.com office or a freeki.com driver (if pickup), the package gross weight will be remeasured, and you will be refunded (if the gross weight you entered is more than the actual weight of the package) or asked to pay the remaining freight fee (if the actual gross weight is more than the gross weight you submitted).
Sorry, you are not allowed to make installmental payments. Your freight payment must be paid at once (either PAY NOW: during your form submission or PAY LATER: during pick-up/drop-off of your package).

However, if the actual gross weight of the package is more than the gross weight you submitted, you will be required to pay the remaining freight fee.
Once your order is submitted, you will be able to know the status of your freight order anytime, in your Freight order history tab of your account section.

Also, you may go directly into freeki.com order tracking page, and submit your valid freight order tracking number.
No. The receiver of your package is not required to make any payment whatsoever. On your order infromation page, once your package is with the delivery agent at the destination country, your receiver would be contacted that a package from you is waiting for him/her to pickup, and the freeki.com office information and contact information will be provided for your receiver. Therefore, he/she can go to the stated freeki address to pickup the package.
A security feature has been implemented on the freight system. How it works is, you get to decide how the verification of the person, to receive your package, should be handled. These are:
  • Picture Upload: You get to upload the picture of the reciever freeki.com is to expect. The picture, should not be older than 3 months. Therefore, freeki will expect only the person to come and receive your package.
  • Document Verification: When the receiver comes for collection, you get to decide which of his/her identity documents we should verify. These may be: International Passport, Drivers' License, Voters Card, etc. Therefore, we expect you (the sender) to have communicated with the receiver, on which available identity document must be submitted (which will be the document you selected), to receive the package.